Company Vision

“To Revolutionize the Modern Medicine Landscape in Malaysia ”

Company Mission

“Forge an unbreakable synergy between modern and non-invasive medicine for Malaysians through innovation and invention”

Company Goal

MediCap is experiencing a time of exciting growth and unique opportunity and we anticipate a similar environment in the next decade to come. During these next few years, we will work closely with our healthcare institutions to provide the resources they need to continue making impressive progress on quality and services initiatives. We will invest in our staff, in recruiting needed physicians and in the newest technologies, including IT initiatives. And, we will continue to integrate these new practices and systems even as we explore additional community partnerships where MediCap can make a difference.

“Our ongoing work – in local markets and at the national level – with our physicians and well experienced management team will include expanded communication, involvement in strategic planning and education about the changing environment. This approach does not just help us to engage these key stakeholders but is essential in moving each of our healthcare institutions to the next level.”

“We will continue to work collaboratively and creatively to manage our costs and invest wisely as we seek to meet the needs of all of the communities we serve. And, we will be proactive in our operational strategies to ensure that we come through this time stronger and in solid position to continue to provide patient care excellence as well as to respond to the unique development opportunities these times will present.”

“Our vision is for every institution in the MediCap Healthcare family to be the center point for transforming the quality of life in their communities, focusing first on improving the health and well-being of every individual. During this new era of healthcare, having the financial resources and talent needed to accomplish this will be even more vital. And working collaboratively is how we will best meet each community’s specific needs, provide high quality care for all of our patients, and create even better workplaces for our staff to serve.”