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Information about the Company

Medicap was established in 2017 with the task of synergising medical experts and visionaries into a single entity. Medicap began with a plan to marry invasive and non-invasive medicine through the common grounds of medical science. It now has 3 in 1 integrated healthcare hubs throughout Malaysia. The company’s medical advisors range from general practitioners to specialists that have been in practice for more than 35 years in their respective portfolios.

Corporate Culture and Initiatives

MediCap is currently experiencing a time of exciting growth and unique opportunities and anticipate the trend to continue in the next decade. In the next few years, Medicap will work closely with healthcare institutions to continue making progress on quality and services. Medicap invests heavily in human resources, in recruiting needed physicians and in the newest technologies. It will continue to integrate new practices and systems to explore community partnerships where Medicap can make a difference.

Creating Wealth Through Good Health.

Growth Initiatives

Medicap will put in place branding strategies to minimise business risks. It will work with stakeholders, invest sufficient funds to meet operations and branding, adopt effective marketing strategies to promote the business, minimise overhead costs, build strategic and symbiotic partnerships with necessary companies. Medicap’s long term objectives include promoting and enhancing its business through premium quality and well-structured medical services to become a medical centre tagged with excellence and quality. It will seek to establish a minimum 95% customer satisfaction rate and to achieve constant marginal profits.

Achievements and Impact

To ensure that the company’s marketing strategy stays relevant in the healthcare market, Medicap will integrate more innovative and creative service methods. This will include staying updated on the latest industry techniques and ideas that comply with local and international industry standards. Medicap will adopt an effective communication channel to enable business transactions as well as provide a platform to make enquires and provide fast solutions.