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Information about the Entrepreneur
Lim Chin Hau is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Medicap Sdn Bhd. His dream of pursuing a career in the medical field started when he was about 15 years old. In 1995, his father was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. However, as there were no medical facilities or centres in his hometown of Kelantan, his father had to drive himself to Penang to receive treatment each time. Lim Chin Hau still remembers his father being exhausted whenever he returned home after a long trip for treatment, leading him to become even more physically weak.

It was at that moment that he became aware of the inaccessibility and inconvenience of healthcare access and the lack of proper post-treatment care, which prevented many patients from achieving the ideal state of recovery and even jeopardized the patient’s well-being. Thus, when his father passed away, it had a profound impact on Lim Chin Hau.

He graduated with a major in Management and Psychology from the University of Malaya in 2002. After graduation, he spent two years working and devoting himself to sales and was introduced to a wide variety of sales channels, hoping that it would help him to start his own business in the future. At 24, he founded his first marketing company. After establishing the company, an opportunity brought him to the field of medical education. In 2009, he started Global Academy Consultant, specializing in helping outstanding Malaysian students study medicine abroad. In 8 years, more than 200 students have fulfilled their dreams of studying medicine.

Other Interesting Facts about the Entrepreneur
Eight years later, in 2017, Lim Chin Hau started Medicap – a new healthcare centre with a new medical concept. The first center was established in 2019 in Sibu, Sarawak, and is dedicated to providing healthcare services to the local people.

Within a short period of 3 months, Medicap opened its second branch in Sarikei following an invitation from a local investor. However, when Lim Chin Hau discovered that many patients from Sarikei needed kidney dialysis had to constantly drive to Sibu for their treatment as there was no dialysis center in the area, he was struck by the fact that although more than a decade had passed since his father’s death, the problem of inaccessible healthcare persists. This has strengthened his determination to revamp and improve the medical landscape in Malaysia.

Company Achievements and Role of the Entrepreneur
The excellence of Medicap is currently second to none in Malaysia. In the post-epidemic era, the medical field has gradually expanded from disease treatment to the health care segment. All this has brought a significant opportunity for Medicap to grow.

Under Lim Chin Hau’s leadership, Medicap ensures that its patients receive the most out of its medical devices at an affordable price. Medicap has rejected the concept of selling medical devices for a profit. Instead, it has chosen to go against the tide and continue to offer its medical devices and products to the public, with a long-term vision of contributing back to the community.

Since its inception in 2017, Medicap has evolved from a pharmaceutical and medical equipment supplier to a 3-in-1 healthcare hub. After expanding to West Malaysia, Medicap also spotted a new market potential for medical aesthetic and dental services. Hence, Medicap promptly developed into the only 5-in- 1 medical concept center available in Malaysia, creating a new medical technology ecosystem that incorporates comprehensive medical, healthcare, dialysis center, medical aesthetics and dental services.

The company is not only backed by a team of experienced doctors, but it also has a think tank of professionals such as medical device advisors to work together. Also, the healthcare devices developed are certified by the ISO 13485 International Organization for Standardization, the Malaysian Government Quality Supervision Agency (SIRIM Malaysia) and the Medical Device Administration (MDA) of the Ministry of Health.

Vision, Mission, & Future Plans
In 2020, aside from receiving several award recognitions, Lim Chin Hau has led Medicap to succeed in achieving its three core strengths: medical expertise, wellness services and expansion in scale.

Since medical and health care industries are significantly interrelated and have extensive coverage, the integration of the three sectors, namely medical, health care and tourism, has gradually emerged in recent years. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Medicap is planning and proposing to build a wellness retreat to drive new business opportunities in the market.

Medicap has been building up its strengths for a long time, and with its humanistic philosophy and accumulated experience, it has a promising future in the flourishing medical industry! With Lim Chin Hau’s continuous guidance, Medicap is committed to reforming Malaysia’s modern medical landscape, hoping to bring more convenience and benefits to the people through improvements and innovations in medical science, combining modern medicine with non-invasive medicine.