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The healthcare sector remains one of the most important domains in the world today. It impacts the world’s population and plays a significant role in ensuring both the development and healthy economic growth of nations. It continues to be the key focus of governments across the world. 

Having an ideal system in play is not just for the benefit and well-being of communities but also the nation as a whole. The main touchpoints of what defines a good healthcare system is accessibility, sustainability, affordability and quality.

These attributes are the focal points for home-grown healthcare company MediCap Sdn Bhd. Incorporated in 2017 by founder and executive director Lim Chin Hau, MediCap’s focus is to provide compassionate, accessible, high-quality and cost-effective healthcare services to the community.

Bringing healthcare to the masses

Prior to starting MediCap, Lim amassed a wealth of experience in medical education consultancy in wide collaborations with medical universities in Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. Serving this segment for more than a decade, he was instrumental in helping develop Malaysian healthcare practitioners who would then go on to serve the industry. 

However, in 2016, when the Ministry of Health enforced the contract doctor scheme for graduates, Lim decided to diversify his focus, setting his sights on helping to revolutionise the landscape of modern medicine in Malaysia. 

During his consultancy years, Lim had been introduced to non-invasive treatment concepts, which he made as a focal point for MediCap. He structured a concept that was focused on advancing science and technology in medical care, prevention of disease and promotion of healing. The business was structured towards providing patients with optimal care and outcomes in an affordable and accessible way. 

From the moment the first MediCap was set up in Sibu, Sarawak, the business immediately set itself apart from other major healthcare centres. The primary focus of the 3-in-1 centre offering clinic, wellness and dialysis centre services was on ensuring that proper healthcare services were delivered to the local people. 

It was an instant success, and it immediately drew the interest of local investors, allowing MediCap to open its second branch in Sarikei. “We found out that there were close to 200 patients in Sarikei who needed dialysis treatment. However, the closest dialysis centre was in Sibu, which was two hours’ away. It was clear to us that we needed to focus on rural areas and improve healthcare in Malaysia,” stresses Lim.

Evolving the local medical landscape

Today, MediCap operates several 3-in-1 integrated healthcare hubs in Sibu, Sarikei and Bintulu in East Malaysia. On the peninsula, it has one in Kluang, Johor, and there is an upcoming unit in Manjung, Perak, which is currently under renovation. Additionally, MediCap is going to start a medium-scale medical centre in Kota Baru, the third private medical centre in Kelantan. 

The company is also on the verge of introducing a 5-in-1 healthcare hub in Puchong, Selangor, and Penang Island. Operated by medical experts with decades of experience, it will have a general practitioner clinic, dialysis centre, skin rejuvenation centre, dental care clinic and wellness centre. The main focus of MediCap is merging both invasive and non-invasive medicine and treatments for the benefit of its clients. 

The company has thus far invested in advanced medical technology from Japan, the US and Germany. For instance, the company uses the Nailfold Capillaroscopy Microcirculation Microscope to analyse nourishing capillaries in the nailfold area, which is also known as a Blood Vessel Analysis procedure. 

Through this non-invasive procedure, MediCap healthcare experts can provide a quick, seamless and efficient way of identifying underlying health issues faced by their clients. The procedure eliminates the need to fast for eight hours prior to the check-up nor is there a need to take a blood sample. Best of all, the results are practically instantaneous. 

Lim, however, stresses that the analysis is not intended to replace conventional blood tests. “It primarily serves as an early-stage preventive measure before we decide to progress further into doing a proper blood check-up or other health check procedures,” he explains. 

MediCap’s range of non-invasive procedures are of even more relevance in this pandemic. With many now choosing to stay away from crowded places, MediCap’s non-invasive procedures allow people to continue receiving the required healthcare services quickly with proven results and peace of mind. “Ultimately, it is about introducing convenience to MediCap clients and bringing better health solutions to society,” adds Lim. 

Establishing a wider footprint for medical services

MediCap has established itself as a revolutionary healthcare service provider in the country. The company has received numerous awards and accolades, including the 2020 Golden Bull Most Emerging Business Award, 2020 SME Business Award, SME Entrepreneur Award and 2021 Asia Pacific Enterprise Award, which is indeed impressive for a company that was set up only four years ago. 

More importantly, MediCap remains one of the few companies that has stood steadfast against the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, it has grown even stronger. As such, Lim is now setting his sights on expanding the brand even further. 

Plans are afoot for MediCap to open ten 3-in-1 health centres over the next few years. Also on the cards are an integrated medical complex and wellness resort. To see this vision through, the company has embarked on an equity crowdfunding programme organised through Mystart Sdn Bhd.

The ECF programme aims to raise a total of RM10 million, which will fuel MediCap’s expansion plans over the next few years. The injection of funds will be channelled towards the company’s two major projects, which are the 5-in-1 healthcare hub in Puchong as well as the medium-scale private medical centre in Kota Baru. 

Lim says MediCap is also looking at establishing its footprint in Perak and Penang. 

Additionally, MediCap is also eyeing future expansion into the medical tourism sector, which has been seeing tremendous growth over the last decade. From 2011 to 2019, the sector grew by 322%. 

As the world breaks out of the stranglehold of the Covid-19 pandemic in the near future, there is no doubt the segment will continue on its upward trajectory. 

As such, there is no time like the present for MediCap to truly capitalise on its growth ambitions. Furthermore, these plans will ultimately serve as a platform for MediCap to be listed in the near future. According to Lim, the crowdfunding exercise not only serves as a way for the public to invest in the medical industry in Malaysia, but is also intended to showcase MediCap’s offerings in the healthcare sector, which is aimed at providing better health solutions to Malaysians. 

Discover more about MediCap and its extended range of healthcare services here or contact +6012 5682799.

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