Marketing Analysis

idea (1)


  • The increase of Public health issues, and an increase in need for such services.
  • The increase of awareness of the non invasive treatment effectiveness in society.
  • New direction of the medical industry towards the combination of invasive and non-invasive practice.



  • Backed by a group of experienced medical practitioners
  • The support from Global Academy medical education intermediary with numbers of qualified medical expertise.
  • The state of art PEMF treatment invented by our own in house medical advisor.



  • This is a complicated and revolutionized medical landscape between general medicine practice and non-invasive medicine practice.
  • Its need to educate the public about the process which takes time to be accepted by masses.

threat (1)


A non-invasive wellness treatment, a whole new concept of non-medical treatment protocol, will be facing all kind of challenges from medical practitioner, wellness counterparts.

To Own A Part Of The Medical Business

MediCAP Sdn Bhd

  • Experienced operators
  • Lean Management
  • Realtime Monitoring System
  • Realtime accounting
  • High profitable practice
  • Strong Marketing Support


  • lack of expertise in medical industry.
  • With expertise in medical industry but financial funding.
  • No time to handle the business


Rejuvenate Wellness

clinic logo

General Clinic

kidney care

Dialysis Centre

Dental Care

Skin Rejuvenate

Business Opportunity

A Restaurant / Cafe Franchise

A well-known Fast Food Restaurant / Café Chain

Manage by the system, but highly turnover in HR, huge “fans-based” clientele, competitive business module. Expected annual revenue of RM1,000,000


A Petrol Station

A well-known petrol pump station with groceries shop

Need to manage the business by yourself, limited quota of supply, huge construction costing. Expected annual revenue of RM1,000,000


A Wellness Centre

Wellness or Physiotherapy or TCM Center

Own a one-type wellness center with 20% of shareholding, but need to manage the business by yourself. Expected annual revenue of RM500,000


MediCAP 3 in 1 Health Centre

3 in 1 Health Centre
(Clinic, Wellness, Dialysis Center)

Own a 3 in 1 Medical entity with 20% of shareholding,

and fully manage by a group of industry expertise.

Expected annual revenue of RM2,400,000


How to Own a Healthcare Business in Malaysia?

How to get into a healthcare business in Malaysia?

You need qualified medical professionals

You will need to apply for various licenses from relevant authorities

You will need advisory from experienced healthcare industry experts to guide and advise you on relevant business practices within the health care industry.

You will need Medical supply chains, healthcare products, human resource, demographic surveys, feasibility studies etc.

Own Your Healthcare Business with MediCap

Join Us Now, Be a MediCap Partner and Own yourself a Healthcare Business

Business Development Phase

Phase 1

10 Integrated 3 in 1 Health Centre
(RM 10,000,000.00)

Already Built

1- Brickfield, KL
2- Sibu, Sarawak
3- Sarikei, Sarawak

In Progress

4- Bintulu, Sarawak
5- Kuching, Sarawak
6- Puchong, Selangor
7- Johor Bahru, Johor

In Planning

8- Kota Bharu, Kelantan
9- Miri, Sarawak
10- Georgetown, Penang

Phase 2

Acquisition 50 clinics throughout Malaysia and set up Integrated Medical Complex
(RM 150,000,000.00)

In Planning

  • Acquisition of 50 Clinics throughout Malaysia
  • Mobilise by the year 2020

In Planning

Set Up Integrated Medical Complex


RM 150,000,000.00

Phase 3

Wellness Retreat / Resort
(RM 25,000,000.00)

To be launch after the completion of Phase 1.

  1. Suggested an Island Retreat Resort, or
  2. Highland Retreat Resort